2018 State Farm Coding Competition

Congratulations to ALL of our finalists for the 2018 State Farm Java Coding Competition! The final round of the competition was held on November 12th hosted at the Dallas Hub. Here are the results of the Finals...

2018 Grand Prize Winner - Final Round

Jeremy Schonfeld, Robert Pooley

Coding Competition winner Image

2018 State Farm Coding Competition Finalists

Aashish Welling, Ankur Sundara
Abdul Bagasra, Ayush Ranjan
Ananth Dandibhotla, Aubhro Sengupta
Jeremy Schonfeld, Robert Pooley
Matthew Musselman

Universities represented - Georgia Institute of Technology, Manchester Community College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Coding Competition Finalist Image

Thank you to everyone who helped make the competition a huge success!